Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hi All!

Ok, I'm going to try this blog thing again, hopefully I will be better at this time.
I want a place for friends and family to come and see what we are up to and watch
how fast the kids are growing up.

I'll share my newest hobbie~passion~addiction~obsession.......
Digi Scrapbooking!
I'll share the good and bad (hopefully more good) along the way.
Check my links and I'll point you towards my favorite stores, designers, galleries.

My Angel Baby, Belle, and my Mom are what started my interest in digi scrapping.
Thus the name of my blog "Digi Scrap Therapy" That's exactly what it's been for me.
My healing as I've journeyed through the grief of loosing My Mom to breast cancer and my Daughter to a cord accident.
This seemed to be the perfect month to start blogging again, as its a big Awareness month for me.
Oct. 15 is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.
And the month of Oct is also for Breast Cancer Awareness.

I'm off to bed, I'll do more setting up tomorrow. That will be an adventure, LOL
I'm a few days late.....but here is my first LO to post~

In Memory of Belle on Oct 15 (pregnancy and infant loss awareness day)