Monday, February 11, 2008

Belle's Birthday

Feb 1st was Belle's 4th Birthday. It came right in the middle of
the biggest snow storms we have ever seen. But the morning of the 1st
we had a few hrs of blue sky and were able to dig out and
make it to the cemetery to wish our little Angel Happy Birthday.
We let off 4 balloons marking her 4 yrs.
We miss our little Belle, but feel so blessed to have her in our family.
Thank you to all who remembered Belle with us.

Dear Mom,

I finished this on Friday and posted it to my gallery at DST,
It was picked as a gallery stand-out! A first for me! I was so excited,
Brock told me it's one of his favorite pages I've done, isn't he sweet :)

*Remember you can click on images for a bigger picture*

Dear Mom,
I would love to have held Belle on my lap to tell her about you, but since I can't will you please hold her on yours and tell her about me?

Mom lost her battle with breast cancer just 6 six weeks before I lost Belle. I find comfort in knowing that Belle is with her Grandma.

Most from PTM (Annie Manning)'s Charmes d'antan mega kit
Ribbon, Glitter Butterflies and Stars from Stroke of Midnight by
Annie Manning (PTM) and Jofia
Dreamy Antique photo action by PTM
Cloud overlay, clock, and glitter swirl from Angelic by Milla
Word Art by Vera Lim
Heart Locket~ Freebie by Jen Ulasiewiez
Font~ Tracy

Rainbow Baby

A baby after a loss is often known as a "Rainbow Baby"

Journaling~Rainbow baby you brought color back into our life.

Most by Jofia, Kits used~
Sweet Lullaby, Sweet Lullaby Alpha (some recolored), Ephemerals 1 & 2,
Winter Garden elements, Not very serious
Feather Buttlerflies by Annie Manning (PTM)
Heart with wings~ Chloe's Treasure by Annie Manning (PTM)
Cardboard/feather wings~ Nov Kit by ah! design
Cloud overlay~ Angelic by Milla
Rainbow by Me
Font~ Sisters, Pea Leigh Leigh, Eight-fifteen

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Scorpion comments

I've been laughing at the comments on my last post.
Alison, they live for 10-15 yrs, LOL!
We will have to lock them up and hide them so you'll come visit :)
Sherrie, they are just for watching! Some people hold them, the sting is like a bee sting unless your allergic,
then it can be very BAD, no thanks, I'll pass.
But we do get them out to clean the tank. I scoop them out with a spatula,
and put them in a BIG metal mixing bowl with slippery sides so they can't escape.
After they calm down, Me Travis and Wacey have touched them.....very carefully.
Chloe is fascinated with them, she calls them "Crickets" we try to tell her the crickets are the little bugs they eat,
but she insists the scorpions are the Crickets. We have to move the tank because
she likes to push a stool over to them and climb up to lift the lid, yikes!!!

We have been getting so much snow!
Last week Church was cancelled and the kids had 3 snow days out of a 4 day school week.
One day they went to school, but a few hrs later roads got bad enough to close and the kids were sent home.
Our kids were stuck in town at a friends house till that night because we were snowed in and the roads were closed.
I've taken losts of snow pictures, and I'll be posting them this week.

~Much Love to all~