Saturday, June 28, 2008

4 years in the making....

After stillborn twins and 2 miscarriages,
Bo finally gave birth to a beautiful little Filly!
Of course Bo had to have her while me and Travis
were gone on an over-night job.
Shelby called that morning to tell us the good news!
She thought for sure it was a boy, and from the kid's description
we thought we'd come home to a Grulla Colt, but
what we had was a Blue Roan Filly. (tricky umbilical cord)
She is adorable, and so worth the wait.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

At the beach

I made this page for my brother Dennis and his wife Alison.
I took the picture of them on the beach,
and when I saw the picture Alison took of their footprints,
I had an idea for a scrap page. I had so much fun on our quick
drive up the coast, they showed me some great spots,
and I got to walk on the sand, and put my feet in the Ocean
for the first time in 14 yrs!
This is a thank you for a great trip, hope you like it!


Monday, June 9, 2008

Jr . Rodeo's have started again

Saturday was our first Jr Rodeo this year.
We arrived at the arena in Grace at 8:00 AM and left at 7:30 PM,
it was a very cold/windy day only got out of the 40's the last 30 min. we were there.

Shelby broke her own record from last year Running Barrels,
she had a 29 second run. She had a clean run in Pole Bending,
but we have to get Cliff to go faster.
She did great with her Goat Tie Down, but the goat got loose.

Brock had a tough day.
For the Calf Tie Down he was up after a calf change,
got a big calf and had trouble flipping him,
but he kept trying, and got a hold of the legs and pulled,
he ended pulling the calf on top of himself.
But for Mom, the worst part of the day was Brock in the Steer Riding.
He about gave me a heart attack.
When he hit the dirt, the steer landed on him with both back legs,
he hit Brock so hard, it knocked him down too.
It took him a bit to catch his breath, but he is ok.
He has a good bruise on his back, and he was very sore this morning.
We are so glad he was wearing his vest.
Me and Travis were hoping it scared him and hurt bad enough
that he would decide maybe he didn't want to ride Bulls,
but nope....he wants to keep on riding!
He even told his Dad, "that really hurt, but it was kinda cool".
All I can say is, he is just like his Dad,
and that isn't gonna help me sleep at night!

In 2 weeks we get to do it all over again.
We are hoping for better weather, and Wacey is going to try the Goat Tie.