Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 4th Steer ride

July 4th Brock rode a Steer at the Plymouth Jr. Rodeo.
Another scary one for Mom! After this one,
Brock jumped up, and ran, then sat back down to catch his breath.
He thought it was great because it's the first time he's been "hung up"
I think he was lucky to get away with a few bruises and a stiff neck.
Wish I would've kept the camera recording, but once I saw him under the steer,
I panicked and hit the pause button.


The Carter Family said...

wow, close call! Brock you are brave!

Jamie and Sherrie said...

I would have hit pause button too. I'm glad he is safe and didn't get more than bruises and a stiff neck. Way to go Brock!!!!

Burt Family said...

YIKES!! I would have freaked out! You are a brave mom to let him even do this. I don't know that I could stand back and watch.