Wednesday, August 27, 2008

2008 4-H Lamb Show

Shelby and Brock did great with their lambs this year.
Each 4H member can weigh in 2 lambs in June. If both lambs make weight,
they can show both lambs in the quality show.
But each member can only sell one lamb.

We were so busy this summer, it seems the lambs got walked less,
and their feed schedule was not very organized.
I was worried their lambs wouldn't do that great.
(shows how much I know)

Their lambs were a little wild this year, but the kids were able to show them well.

Both of Brock's lambs took 2nd in their weight class.
Both of Shelby's lambs took 1st place in their class.
So all 4 went back to the final top 14 round.
They had to find 2 kids to help show their extra lambs.

As the judge weeded them out, it came down to...
Both of Shelby's lambs and one of Brocks as the 3 lambs left.

Brock's lamb took 3rd place.
Shelby's lambs took Grand Champion & Reserve Champion!

Me and Travis were shocked.
Shebly and Brock were so happy, Shelby a little more...
but Brock was a good sport.

After the Judge made his picks and Shelby got her ribbons,
there was a little confusion about what would happen at the sale.
Shelby managed to do something that no other 4H member in Oneida County has done,
She won both Grand and Reserve Champion,
you can show 2 lambs, but only sale 1 lamb.
But the Resereve and Grand Champion must sale.

It was decided that Brock would sale his 3rd place lamb as the Reserve Champion,
and get to walk his lamb in the Parade of Champions at the Rodeo.
But Shelby would get to keep both ribbons, and trophies.

Shelby and her 2008 Grand Champion, BJ

Shelby and her Reserve Champion, PJ
She raised PJ's Mother, Pepper, 2 years previously.

Shelby with BJ and PJ

The owner of Thomas Market bought her Grand Champion

Brock with his 3rd place lamb, Ferb

Brock sold Ferb as the Reserve Champion to Davis Sod

Brock with Phineas, the Judge really liked her,
but said she was small, needed another couple of weeks.
She weighed in at only 105 lbs. and placed 12th.

Shelby and Brock picked out their own lambs.
We buy them from Travis's cousin in Tremonton.
Idaho can show/sell Ewes and Wethers.
Our kids choose Ewes because they can go on to be Mom's
instead of dinner.

Great Job Shelby and Brock!


Anonymous said...

Thats awesome... Shelby is such a beauty! I can't believe how grown up she is. I remember babysitting her... she was the cutest.
My favorite was when she would point to the bugs on the sidewalk and say "A Bing, A Bing". and Brock with his blankie with the dirty corner from rubbing it on his face.... SO CUTE!

The Carter Family said...

Congrats to the Lamb lords! I think they are going to kick the Udy's out next year. Well done.

Brock, when your hair gets as long as your sisters I am driving to the Summit with my clippers and it is all coming off! Consider this your warning.

- Uncle D