Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wacey's new pets

These were a total surprise to Wacey! Me and Travis saw them,
We knew Wacey would love them, but we weren't to sure (mostly me)
But by the time we got home from Pocatello we decided they would be the
perfect surprise! The next morning Travis went back up and brought home
TWO! (he said they need to be together) and wouldn't you know, after
researching them on google, we are positive it's a male and female, yikes!
And yes they breed very well in captivity, usually litters of 10-20 live births...
*Mental head slap*
What were we thinking!!! They are Black Emperor Scorpions. about 7-8 inches long. and in the
dark with a black light, they GLOW. They are very docile, and quite interesting, I even
help mist them and feed them live worms and crickets, YUCK!
But our little budding scientist is so HAPPY!
Next he wants a snake....a King Cobra.....not in my house!!!! LOL
So here are the pictures!

Sting and Helga

They are a dark, shiny black, but the flash reflects their "glow"


mom2jtm said...

That makes me shudder just looking at the pictures. You're braver then I would be at allowing those in my house!

Jamie and Sherrie said...

Melinda wow!!!! Can you touch them or they just to look at. Brandon will think they are so cool and want some. Have fun with your new pets they are the coolest thing ever!!!! Wacey Happy late Birthday. We miss you guys so much!!!!!!!

Heather said...

Hi Melinda! This is Heather, your cousin! Those scorpions are crazy looking! Your kids are adorable! I hope all is well!

The Carter Family said...

Melinda, I was about to throw up while I was scrolling down your page, I can hardley look at those pictures. I know we haven't been up there to stay with you guys at your new house yet, but now we definitely never will!! Call me when the scorpions are gone! haha, j/k. you are brave to have those in your house! Love you guys, miss you.