Sunday, February 10, 2008

Scorpion comments

I've been laughing at the comments on my last post.
Alison, they live for 10-15 yrs, LOL!
We will have to lock them up and hide them so you'll come visit :)
Sherrie, they are just for watching! Some people hold them, the sting is like a bee sting unless your allergic,
then it can be very BAD, no thanks, I'll pass.
But we do get them out to clean the tank. I scoop them out with a spatula,
and put them in a BIG metal mixing bowl with slippery sides so they can't escape.
After they calm down, Me Travis and Wacey have touched them.....very carefully.
Chloe is fascinated with them, she calls them "Crickets" we try to tell her the crickets are the little bugs they eat,
but she insists the scorpions are the Crickets. We have to move the tank because
she likes to push a stool over to them and climb up to lift the lid, yikes!!!

We have been getting so much snow!
Last week Church was cancelled and the kids had 3 snow days out of a 4 day school week.
One day they went to school, but a few hrs later roads got bad enough to close and the kids were sent home.
Our kids were stuck in town at a friends house till that night because we were snowed in and the roads were closed.
I've taken losts of snow pictures, and I'll be posting them this week.

~Much Love to all~

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mom2jtm said...

Hey Melinda,
It's Paula we would love to see some snow pictures. We are SO jealous that finally Utah and Idaho are getting the much needed snow while we are gone. :(
I would love to hear from you!