Monday, February 11, 2008

Dear Mom,

I finished this on Friday and posted it to my gallery at DST,
It was picked as a gallery stand-out! A first for me! I was so excited,
Brock told me it's one of his favorite pages I've done, isn't he sweet :)

*Remember you can click on images for a bigger picture*

Dear Mom,
I would love to have held Belle on my lap to tell her about you, but since I can't will you please hold her on yours and tell her about me?

Mom lost her battle with breast cancer just 6 six weeks before I lost Belle. I find comfort in knowing that Belle is with her Grandma.

Most from PTM (Annie Manning)'s Charmes d'antan mega kit
Ribbon, Glitter Butterflies and Stars from Stroke of Midnight by
Annie Manning (PTM) and Jofia
Dreamy Antique photo action by PTM
Cloud overlay, clock, and glitter swirl from Angelic by Milla
Word Art by Vera Lim
Heart Locket~ Freebie by Jen Ulasiewiez
Font~ Tracy


Jamie and Sherrie said...

Ok Melinda you made me cry. This page is so touching!!! Its beautiful it takes your breath away. What a priceless page. I agree with Brock. Its your best page ever!! I would like a copy of it please. I want to print it & put it in my scapbook or office. I tried to print it but it went black and white. Plus I need to send it off so it can be 12x12. I love ya tons. I hope you got all my text I sent you. You have been in my prays. I can't believe all the snow you have. I hope it stops so you can come for Easter. Luv ya!!!!

Audrey said...

This page is incredible! I can see was it was chosen as a gallery stand-out! Congratulations

joni said...

Melanie, this page is beautiful! I miss your mom, she truly is holding your belle for sure! Thank you for sharing, such a wonderful lady with me and my family!

The Carter Family said...

This is a beautiful layout Melinda, you are so talented!

Maxine #6215 said...

Your work is so great! Beautiful