Sunday, April 20, 2008

Chloe in a box

Chloe was so cute while I was working on this page, when I put her picture in the
box she said, "Mommy, you no put Chloe in a box".


Because of you, I believe that with courage, faith, hope and love...
Miracles do happen!

Box, box tie from Boxed In-2 by Annie Manning (PTM)
Weathered fence & some of the tulip leaves from Spring has Sprung by Annie Manning (PTM)
Stitches from Natures Glow by Annie Manning (PTM) Recolored
Re-size for the Web action by Annie Manning (PTM)

Flowers, tulip leaves, ladybugs from The Grass is Green by Jofia
Bird from Spring Birds by Jofia
Diamond Rain by Jofia
Strings with clips from Not very serious by Jofia

background paper from spring garden by Natali Design
Frame made from button from Design Essential by Natali Design
Ribbons with chains from Playing with Chains by Natali Design

Plain Acrylic Alpha by AH! Design
I clipped Jofia's flowers to them

Font- Tracy

1 comment:

Jamie and Sherrie said...

I love to see your pages. It was so fun to spend the weekend together. My kids loved seeing your girls. Wished we could see each other more. You still amaze me with your pages. You are very talented. I'm having fun on photo shop. Thanks for all the help. I have so much to learn. At least now I can open the program and do something. Love ya miss ya tons. Love chloe in the a box. I could so hear her saying that to you. Too cute!!!!!