Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Stand up and Scrap wk 1

I was a contestant in the Stand Up and Scrap contest.
(complete the layout challenge each week for 6 wks)

It was such a great learning experience,
the challenges really pushed me out of my comfort zone,
and I have 6 great LOs that I owe to SUAS!
Be warned, 4 out of the 6 wks I was inspired to scrap some very emotional LO's.
While it was hard, it was very good therapy, much needed and long over due.

SUAS week 1
Challenge #1: Dream Big
Inspirational Focus:
If you could have one dream come true what would it be?
What does your dream say about you?
Be creative and design a page that is meaningful to YOU
and shares with the world a dream that you hope will come true someday.
Design Focus: Brushwork -
We think brushes have the ability to take an ordinary layout
extraordinary places and want to challenge you to use brushes to bring
the inspirational focus of your page to life.
Brushes can add whimsy, grunge, beauty and so much more to a page
so use them to create a mood to suit the dream you are sharing.

I Dream of You

Journaling reads:

My little Angel, I Dream of you

The nine months that I carried you were simply not enough.
I dreamed of all the years we’d have, the joy of watching you grow.
I dreamed of watching you with your siblings,
the love and laughter you would share.
But never in my dreams, did I picture you not here.
I held your perfect body, and kissed your silent lips,
I never dreamed I’d have to say good-bye before we ever met.
Not a day goes by that my heart doesn’t ache.
I may not have you in my arms, but I have you in my heart.
My sweet baby I still dream of holding you, but in another place.....
I Dream of you in Heaven surrounded by your family.
Your Mommy and your Daddy, your Brothers and Sisters too.
We will all be there together the way we were ment to be.

Paper~ Bella Backdrop overlay by Nancie Rowe Janitz
Floral stamp~ Unrepeated Miralcle stamp by Melgen Design
Flourish frame~ Boho Flourishing brushes by Michelle Coleman
Floral brush~ Doodle Ditties Whimsy by Michelle Coleman
Beauty Butterfly~ Taken from I Was Framed by Lauren Reid
Stars~ Shooting Stars by Christina Renee
Font~ Pea Christine

The journaling was the hardest part. My thoughts and feelings,
written in my own words.


Jamie and Sherrie said...

You need a whole box of tissue. Melinda that is an amazing poem you wrote. Your page is beautiful,sweet,tender and peaceful. It also makes your heart break. I love you!!!!!

ArtcTrish said...

I am in absolute tears here! What you've done with these layouts about your daughter had to be so difficult but a treasure for sure. As fate would bring me to your site, today is the anniversary of my son's death. I live too for the day when I can hold my son. God bless you and {{hugs}}.