Thursday, November 8, 2007

Stand up and Scrap wk 3

Challenge #3: Let the Music Move You

Inspirational Focus:"Where words fail, music speaks"
- Hans Christian Andersen
Music ah, the sweet notes, the poignant lyrics, the melodies.
There are times when a song or lyric captures exactly what we have on our minds.
It can be the soundtrack that plays consistently through our lives.
It can give us comfort when we are lonely, respite when we are tired.
Music can convey so many feeling and thoughts.
Music and lyrics can transport you back in time and invoke memories.
Lyrics can also be a magical inspiration for creating amazingly powerful layouts.
Our challenge to you is to let music be your muse -
Use a lyric of a song to create a layout that is meaningful to you and the people you love.

How Can I Help You Say Goodbye?

This picture of my oldest Daughter holding her baby Sister's hand,
at her viewing always pulls at my heartstrings.
The emotion on her face shows just how much the loss of her Sister effected her.
Many times the chorus of this song
"How can I help you say goodbye" by Patty Loveless
came to mind as I tried to help her understand this loss at such a tender age.
The challenge this week gave me the inspiration and push to put this page together.

How can I help you say goodbye?
Mama whispered softly, Time will ease your pain
Life's about changing, nothing ever stays the same
And she said, How can I help you to say goodbye?
It's OK to hurt, and it's OK to cry
Come, let me hold you and I will try
How can I help you say goodbye?

Papers~ All organic by Kay Miller
Frames~ All Organic by Kay Miller
Ribbon~ All Organic by Kay Miller
Flourish~ Flourished Swirls by Jen Wilson
Word Flourish~ Sparkly Swirly words by Lauren Reid
Butterfly brush
Fonts~ Teardrop, Hurricane, Symphony in ABC

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